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Roof Replacement

Unfortunately, no roof lasts forever though some materials can provide more longevity than others. Damage of different varieties can still occur, however, and warrant a total roof replacement. Our Sarasota, FL, roofing contractors can take a closer look at the top of your home before moving forward to determine the scope of work and if a repair would suffice.

Here are a few things you need to consider if replacing a roof is in your future.

When Should I Replace My Roof?

If you don’t know what to look for, certain aspects of your roof can go unnoticed when they shouldn’t. That’s where our Sarasota roofing company can help. We take pride in informing homeowners so they are aware of the potential signs that can indicate when a roof is in need of replacement.

Keep in mind that not all issues justify a completely new roof. There are certain instances in which a roof repair can be done by our contractors and your roof can last for many more years before materials need to be swapped out. For example, we can patch a small leak before it turns into a tear that goes beyond a quicker fix.

Minor problems aside, you may require roof replacement if:

  • Your roofing shingles are curled or the tabs are cupped
  • Bald spots have appeared on the shingles
  • Shingles are cracked or have fallen off
  • The roof itself is at least 20 years old or shows clear signs of wear
  • There are visible dark streaks 
  • You have moss growing up there
  • There’s moisture in the insulation (noticed in the attic)

Factors Affecting the Cost of Roof Replacement

As mentioned above, the type of roof you have is important. Homeowners with shingle roofing may have to think about replacement sooner than those with tile roofing or metal roofing, for instance. Of course, care over the years has to be considered as any roof that’s been well maintained will last longer. 

The pitch (steepness) of your roof and the overall square footage that needs to be tackled by our contractors can also influence the end cost. In any case, we can inspect your roof and provide you with an estimate so you know exactly what the job will entail.

Request an Estimate for Roof Replacement

Our roof replacement contractor in Sarasota, FL, is here when the tallest part of your home needs a transformation. Call or text Riley Roofing today at (941) 914-8623 to request an estimate or schedule a free consultation.